uPVC Conservatory Roofs


The inovative features unique to the Zoom conservatory system allow clients to realise bespoke
designs as well as more traditional conservatory designs with ease.


So what makes Zoom conservatory roofs better than the competition? Firstly there are over 65% less
components than other roof systems, allowing for an easier assembly.Secondly, a one eaves beam and one

ridge assembly means less to fit. In addition the Zoom unique designs, patented jack rafters and glass
retainers eliminate glazing slip.


Just 5 Reasons to buy Zoom:

1. The unique Zoom Glazing Stop

  • Exclusive to Zoom, 100% eliminates glazing slip on glass and polycarbonate.
  • Other manufactures use a screw on plate to try and prevent slip


2.The Unique Zoom Valley Glazing Stop

  • Exclusive to Zoom, 100% eliminates Glazing Slip on glass and polycarbonate.
  • Other Manufactures use a two sided tape to hold glazing.


3. FAST FIT radius to hip bar

  • Exclusive to Zoom
  • Only Product suitable for a one Man fit.
  • Site adjustable, unlike other products available
  • Racks glass for added structural ability


4. Deep Flow Gutter Boxes

  • Positive fix to the Eaves beam, enhances integral roof strength


5. A Simple Jack rafter assembly

  • Positive fix to the Hip Bar
  • Jack Rafter link extruded Aluminium for strength
  • 3 Part assembly for fast installation
  • No additional covers or mitring required for a neat fit